Jhessail Greycastle was the commander of the exiled Knights of the Black Fist.[1]


Jhessail was despite all loyal to her city and was totally shocked by the Vorgansharax's coup and the betrayal of her fellows.[2] Jhessail was a firebrand sworn to reclaim her city or die trying.[1]


Jhessail was a high-ranking member of the Knights of the Black Fist.[1] She exemplified the corruption and cruelty that was synonymous with organization and prospered.[2] In 1489 DR Jhessail lead a rebellion against Vorgansharax but was betrayed by her fellow officers and captured.[3] She was freed by an adventuring party hired by the resistance and managed to escape Phlan.[2]

Around 1492 DR, Jhessail led an alliance to reclaim Phlan.[1]




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