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Jhessail Silventree was one of the original Knights of Myth Drannor in 1358 DR.[1]


Jhessail was born in Espar in Cormyr to two foresters who were friends of elves. Always fascinated by magic, Jhessail was tutored by elves and the wizard Hezom.

She went to adventure with Florin Falconhand, Doust Sulwood, Jelde Asturian, and Islif Lurelake. During one of their first adventures, hopwever, Martess, a fellow apprentice of Hezom, died and this hurt the young sorcerer but helped her to mature, becoming a mother figure for her companions.

Jhessail flirted with Jelde but later fell in love with the elf Merith Strongbow, who asked for her hand in marriage in front of all the Elven Court. From the marriage, Jhassail gave birth to the half-elf Veluthil Silverbow. Veluthil was baby-sat by Illistyl Elventree when Jhessail's magic was needed by fellow Knights.[1]



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