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Jirozu no Nakamaru was the oyabun of Big Head yakuza gang in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Jirozu collected odd and unusual weapons and will payed honest prices for such things (particularly gaijin items).[1]


Jirozu risen the ranks starting from being a poor waterfront laborer[1] In 1357 during the feud against Black Mist gang he was invited to a peace meeting organized by daimyo Funada Mitsuhide. Hoping to ruin Mitsuhide Goshukara Sadamoto targeted for death Jirozu sending Phoenix clan Ninja to kill him framing Funada clan[2]


Jirozu was very aware of both his power and his social position. He possessed a charming and crafty personality, always appearing friendly. In truth he evaluated and judged all opportunities of any situations.[1]



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