Jivvin Golhyrr, meaning "amusing trick", was a fighting style used by sadistic drow who found their purpose in humiliating their enemies.[1]


The name "amusing trick" wasn't given because it was amusing to look at but because it was "amusing to the sadist who happened to be the practitioner". The style itself resembled the kyorlin plynn style, users of one style tended to learn the other to some degree, in its defensive nature and the focus on non-lethal techniques, which didn't mean that users didn't kill.[1]

The style itself was about fighting defensively until the enemy showed an opening. This opening was then exploited by tripping the enemy. It was done to easier allow follow-up attacks but also to force the enemy into a humiliating position, akin to those slaves were forced into, which was found amusing by the cruel drow hence the name.[1]


Users needed to be able to put up a good defenses and be effective trippers.[1]


As mentioned above, the style was for sadists and thus was favored by clerics of Lolth.[1]



The style was based on the Expertise and Trip feat chain in 3.0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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