Joelle Emmeline was a jewel thief from Berdusk and a Chosen of Sune in 1486 DR.


In 1486 DR, Joelle was tasked by her goddess with the mission of taking the Eye of Gruumsh to the earth primordial Grumbar's temple in the Underchasm. Strangely accompanied by the Chosen of Cyric Malik el Sami, Joelle stole the sacred relic from the Hidden Temple of Nishrek in the orc stronghold of Big Bone Deep in the Stonelands. Pursued by shadovar and vengeful orcs, Joelle and Malik sought refuge in Marsember, where they met Arietta Seasilver, who believed herself to be the Chosen of Siamorphe, and Kleef Kenric, a paladin follower of the dead god Helm.

With their new companions, Joelle and Malik managed to escape their pursuers and continue their mission. Joelle knew from her goddess that, in order to fulfill the last ritual, someone who was completely in love with another person would have to willingly sacrifice themself. So Joelle began to seduce Arietta. At the final moment in Grumbar's temple, knowing that her sacrifice would ruin Shar's, plot Arietta accepted her role as sacrifice, and Joelle discovered in herself feelings for Arietta. At the last moment, Malik, acting under orders from Cyric, tried to kill Arietta but Joelle intercepted the fatal blow and died in her stead, becoming herself the necessary sacrifice.[1]




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