Jonstan the Rover was a song written by Jaladha Tshamryl, a minstrel of Battledale.

Clippety-cloppety, bold Jonstan the Rover
Rides misty-eyed down to the Dales again
Into forests and field, rare beauty all over,
Land of his true loves - Aldee, Imthra, and Luthane,
Elda and Myrta, Chalantha and Araine.

Will he find yet another? Or will be welcomed back?
Long lasses aplenty catch his winking eye.
Is it kisses he'll taste soon? Or scorn everlasting?
Love and laughter and soon away Jonstan will fly -
Gone again over threshold and under dawn sky.

Far accross Faerûn, a rover adventures free
'Til the Dales call his heart home again
To Jhaele, Sharune, Aleese and Rythree -
Warm arms and hearth and a roof 'gainst rain
'Til his wandering feet bear him away again.

Climbing far mountains, riding in high clover
To Waterdeep and the shores of the Shining Sea -
"Hark! Comes now bold Jonstan the Rover?
Will he, oh will he ever come back to me?"
The Dales call back the man wedded but free.

Clippety-cloppety, bold Jonstan the Rover
Comes riding down into the Dales again.
Their forests and fields, rare beauty all over,
His true love more than all the maidens in pain.
My man is riding mist-eyed to the Dales again.

  — Jaladha Tshamryl[1]


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