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Joon Tsao Choo was an emperor of Shou Lung of ancient times[1]


Joon Tsao Choo was a great emperor that strongly ruled for many years, expanding the Empire. Many nobles feared the Empire's expansion over the Shao Mountains, a land outside their control, and the most rebellious of them formed the Black Maut Cult in order to ruin Joon Tsao and regained their power.

The Black Maut Cult sent to the Emperor the concubine Meilan, a woman of great beauty and cleverness, enhanced by a thousandfold by evil enchantments in order to made her irresistible to any men. Soon Joon Tsao fall in love for her, no longer caring for the government of the Empire. Under Meilan's suggestion Joon Tsao sent his wife and many of his advisors in prison and also exiled Ahp Hijan, his Minister of State and dearest friend.

The Emperor renamed too his capital Kuo Meilan, where he indulged in debauchery and wild revels with Meilan. Meantime the nobles reasserted their power over population.

At one point the Celestial Empire sent a huge dragon to warn Joon Tsao to amend his ways in 100 days or he will suffer deathly consequence but the emperor only laughed about this. On the hundredth day an army of dragons descended upon Kuo Meilan and destroyed the city, killing Joon Tsao Choo, Meilan and most of the nobles[1]

Canon ConflictEdit

It seems clear that Emperor Joon Tsao Choo was based upon the Emperor Tan Chin in Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms. They were both ancient emperors on Shou Lung, had mistresses named Meilan, renamed their cities to Kuo Meilan, and were deposed by the Immortals. However the story of Tan Chin continued and was more elaborate.



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