Jorlan Duskryn was a drow warrior of House Duskryn during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


Jorlan was a drow of Menzoberranzan living in the Velkynvelve outpost. Thank to his skill and his charm, he quickly became the field commander and lover of the leader of the outpost, Ilvara Mizzrym. However, during a routine patrol, he was attacked by a black pudding, which severely injured him. Ilvara saved his life, but his face was totally ruined. So Ilvara discarded him and took as a new lover the young Shoor Vandree.[1]


Jorlan had a talent for inflicting pain that he employed in his fighting skills. He believed Lolth favored him, or at least that his charm had deflected her malice, until his injury.[1]


Jorlan was Ilvara's lover until he was injured. After being discarded, a virulent hatred for llvara and Shoor slowly grew in him. He knew that the sympathy the priestess Asha Vandree showed him was an attempt to manipulate him, but he was willing to play along for the time being, hoping to draw Asha closer and potentially use her against llvara when the time was right.[1]




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