Josef Linkletter was a male human living in Neverwinter in 1479 DR, serving as soldier in Lord Dagult Neverember's army before became involved in the plots of Rhazzad.


Josef was a native-born of Neverwinter who had been born in the grim years after the Spellplague.

In 1473 DR, he was a journeyman stone mason when he met the architect Dorothea Nacht. Dorothea and Josef soon fell in love and married. Meanwhile, after a brush with the law, Josef was recruited into the guard by Sergeant Knox.

Josef soon made a name for himself as a principled and fair man who could talk sense to even the most desperate outlaw, and fought with distinction against the Many-Arrows orcs and the Blackdagger Bandits.

However, in 1479, illness clouded the Linkletters' happiness: Dorothea became afflicted by the Spellplague and the malady kept the formerly outgoing woman in her home for months. Out of desperation, Dorothea and Josef approached the unorthodox wizard Rhazzad, known for studying the matter. He gave Dorothea a potion that apparently controlled the illness. However, sometimes when emotional, Dorothea transformed into a monster and only Rhazzad's medicine could cure her.

In the meantime, Josef's soldiers fought with the undead troops of Valindra Shadowmantle and Josef met a new adventurer just arrived in the city. When Dorothea had a violent episode, Josef recruited the adventurer to transport his wife to the wizard's tower.

Apparently cured for a time, Dorothea entered the Scar Company. However, suspicions started to arise about Rhazzad, because Josef also contracted the Spellplague. It was soon discovered that he was the one who spread the Spellplague in order to fulfill his goals. Soon Dorothea was plaguechanged and become a pawn of the wizard.

Josef entered the Scar Company and fought alongside Sergeant Knox and the adventurer to stop Rhazzad's plan. In the end, Josef and his wife were cured for real.[1]



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