Joseph was a human from Faerûn who stowed away on a ship headed for Maztica.[1]


Joseph was a light-skinned man with flowing, blonde hair. He wore light brown pants and a ragged, blue shirt. The ensemble was tied together with a black sword belt.[1]


Possessed of a cheerful attitude, Joseph was intent on proving to the world that he was the best at everything. This conviction manifested itself more as enthusiasm rather than arrogance.[1]


He owned a magical short sword and a ring of feather falling, in addition to a potion of healing and a mundane trident.[1]


Hoping to explore the world, Joseph absconded from his uncle and stowed away on a ship bound for Maztica. When eventually discovered, he was thrown overboard and washed up on an island. On this island, he met the local Maztican tribesman Swendi[2] and cooperated with him to take down a pteranodon.[1]



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