The Jumpa River, or Jumpa Muren,[3] was one of the largest rivers in all of Toril.[1]


Located in the Hordelands and northeast Faerûn, the Jumpa River originated within Katakoro Shan in Khazari, flowing past A-Ling Shan, where it joined the Gaya at the Great Pass within the southern region of the majestic Yehimal mountains.[1]


Over time the large quantity of water flowing down the Jumpa River eroded the great channel known as the Jumpa River Gorge. This impressive feature lined the entire western edge of the mountain ranges along the river, forming the western borders of several nations, including Khazari and Ra-Khati. The average depth of the gorge was 1,000 ft. (305 m).[1]

Yearly glacial run-off filled the Jumpa River with frigid water that was capable of carrying away nearly anything in its path.[1]

The only known crossing point of the Jumpa River and the gorge was the Great Chain Bridge of Ra-Khati.[1]

Due to its connection to the Gaya River, as well as its impressive natural features, the river was considered to be one of the Thousand Sacred Sources of the Gaya, and many would follow the river to its source as part of their pilgrimages.[1]



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