Jungle avatar was a potent divine magic spell available to priests of the Zakharan savage goddess Ragarra, and some specialized kahins. It temporally changed the caster into a greater segarran.[1]


This dangerous spell physically transformed a priest into a huge crocodile-headed divine minion of the goddess Ragarra called a greater segarran, but kept their magic items, their wits, and most of their spellcasting ability intact. If the priest was powerful enough, the magic also provided bat-like wings to fly.[1][2] When an enemy was slain by this form, the segarran was compelled to consume the victim at once. The priest could change back before the spell had run its course, but if no opponent had been overwhelmed and devoured, the lethal danger of the shapechange was increased, showing Ragarra's disfavor.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the use of specially blessed water, some blood, bitter herbs, and ground scales from a giant crocodile, mixed and drunk by the priest.[1]


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