A just chancellor, or the Lord Just Chancellor, of Tethyr was the primary legal authority of the kingdom.[1][2]


The Lord Just Chancellor was superior to four sub-chancellors:[1]

  • the Law Chancellor,[2]
  • the Magistrates Chancellor,[2]
  • the Sheriffs' Chancellor,[2] and
  • the Title Chancellor.[2]

The Just Chancellor also directed a group of judges known as High Justicars and Justicars.[1]


The Just Chancellor and his four subordinates oversaw the magistrates and sheriffs, the writing of laws, and the issues of noble succession and inheritance.[1]

Only the Justicars, High Justicars, the Just Chancellor, or the queen herself was permitted to make rulings in matters of "High Justice", cases where capital punishment against nobility was involved.[1]


In earlier times, the king or queen held ultimate legal power in Tethyr, but when Queen Zaranda Star came to power, she established the courtly title of Just Chancellor to provide a balance of powers.[2]

In 1370 DR, the Lord Just Chancellor of the kingdom of Tethyr was former adventurer and Duke of Suretmarch, Tardeth Llanistaph.[1][2]


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