Ka'ioa'Tara was a member of the Dukars of Myth Nantar in Serôs in 1370 DR.[1]


Ka'ioa'Tara was a free spirit, rejecting all conventions of her people. Her upbringing gave her more freedom and self-confidence to choose her own path. Many believed her destined to a high-ranking position in shalarin society but Ka'ioa'Tara believed her place was among the Dukars and the Nantarn Alliance.[1]


Ka'ioa'Tara was one of the few shalarin born and raised inside Myth Nantar and from this derived her independent mind. Ka'ioa'Tara become one of the first new Dukars of the Order of Maalirn.[1]

In 1370 DR, Ka'ioa'Tara, with her companions Dinam and Paxas, were guiding ships attacked by Myth Nantar's mythal away from the city and toward the Shipwreck Plains. In one of the ships they discovered surface dwellers.[2]


Ka'ioa'Tara was totally oblivion of the Ri'ola'kirk's attraction for her.[3]




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