Kachin was the high priest of Qotal in Payit in 1361 DR.[1][page needed]


Kachin led the most powerful temple in Ulatos. In 1361 DR, he discovered that the young slave Erixitl would be decisive in the plan for the return of his god. He went to Kultaka and bought her from her master, transporting her to Payit with the idea of making Erixitl a high priestess.

Kachin taught her all about the faith of Qotal, but because of the plots of the worshipers of Zaltec she was instead decisive in starting the war between the Golden Legion and the Payits.[1]

Meanwhile, Kachin and Erixitl befriended the young stranger Halloran but some time after they were attacked by one of the Ancient Ones, Spirali. They managed to kill him only thanks to the arrival of the Nexalan Eagle Knight Poshtli but it was too late for Kachin.[1]




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