Kae Deverell was a male human Purple Dragon commander of the Cormyrean stronghold of High Horn during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR. He was possessed by Bhaal.[1]


Deverell was a lazy and dull Purple Dragon commander stationed in the Cormyrean stronghold of High Horn during the Time of Troubles. He helped the then-human Kelemvor and Midnight, who were pursued by Cyric and his men. Later, the fortress was attacked by the avatar of Bhaal, but thanks to the growing power of Midnight, they captured him.[1]

Against all prudence, Deverell wanted to put the god of the assassins on trial, and the delay caused by this permitted Bhaal to escape. In a twist of irony, Bhaal chose Deverell as his new avatar.

At last, Bhaal was killed by Cyric and Deverell died with him. However, Deverell's spirit was not destroyed, and searching for an entrance to the Fugue Plane in Kanaglym, he met Midnight and apologized to her for his stupidity.[1]


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