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When asked about his past, Kagain stresses that the questioner should just mind their own business if they want to keep their teeth. It is apparent that he runs a rather shady mercenary company and that he is quite obsessed with wealth, but any information beyond this he is content to keep to himself.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game

Kagain was a greedy dwarven merchant and fighter living in Beregost.


He was antisocial and mostly concerned with making money, and to a slightly lesser extent drinking beer. His business provided protection for caravans in the area.[1]



  • In Baldur's Gate, Gorion's Ward could have encountered Kagain in his (difficult to find) place of business in Beregost. If found, Kagain would have wanted to hire the player's party to find some lost caravans and would have joined them to do so if this was agreed upon. Like many members of the Ward's party, Kagain may have grown dissatisfied and bored with the whole deal, and decided that he'd be willing to go along in doing whatever Gorion's Ward was otherwise doing, possibly in the hopes that it would have proven more lucrative.
  • Kagain appears in the Baldur's Gate computer game. Kagain's most notable feature is his extremely high constitution that allows him to regenerate. He is voiced by John Mariano.
  • Although the game is not canonical, due to contradictions with the novel, backstory elements from the games are considered canonical for the purposes of this wiki.


  • Go pester someone else.
  • I need an ale.
  • Alright.
  • I dont wanna talk.
  • -Büurp- sure.
  • The only thing better than gold, is more gold.
  • You pugs are starting to piss me off.
  • Gold runs the world kid, the faster ya learn that the better life'll treat ya.
  • If i had a copper for every moron i ran across, i could buy Baldur's Gate.
  • For the love o' money.
  • Why me?
  • Damn forest, always reminds me of pansy elves!
  • (When made leader) As leader i plan to make us stinkin' rich.
  • (When health critical) This dwarf's not fealin' too good.
  • (When tired) Even a dwarf's got a limit to his stamina.


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