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Kaitlynn was a mystic of the Earthmother and a shopkeeper in Skullport.[1]


Kaitlynn was born with Anithlynn and Briglynn on board a Moonshae Isles ship to a mystic of the Earthmother, Celya, who lost most of her energy in childbirth. The triplets were taught from birth the mysteries of mystics. By their thirteenth birthday, Celya had died.[2]

In 1379 DR her friend Laeral Silverhand went with the then-immaterial Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann to met Kaitlynn and thank to her healed Cavatina.[3]


Kaitlynn was the middle of the triplets and the most responsible, always mediating between the capricious Anithlynn and the sometimes-sullen Briglynn. At heart, she was, like their mother Celya, compassionate and utterly devoted to the Earthmother. Kaitlynn was also kind and charitable.[1]


Kaitlynn managed with her sisters the Sisters Three Waxworks. She was very capable of making non-magical love potions.[1]



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