Kaldura Othmeir was an adventuress in Myth Drannor in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


The last of her kin, Kaldura wandered the Realms in search of death or adventure. During a brawl in a tavern in Scardale, she was on the verge of death when she was saved by the Company of the Catlash.[1]

In 1370 DR, the Company decided to go to Myth Drannor in order to acquire some magic item to empower them.[2]


Kaldura was a member of the Company of the Catlash.[1]


Kaldura for a long time cared nothing for her life but in the Company she had friends for the first time and Kaldura was totally devoted to them. Still, she was gruff and bad-tempered, loving battle and disliking males and all feminine garb and ways. Kaldera was interested in seeing the stoneworks of Myth Drannor, often built by master dwarven stonemasters of the past.[1]



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