Kalkan was a fallen deva who was transformed into a rakshasa and was the arch-nemesis of the deva Demascus.[1]


Like Demascus, Kalkan died many times only to be resurrected. Kalkan killed many of Demascus' incarnations.

Kalkan helped Murmur revive the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye in Akanûl in 1479 DR. Kalkan ambushed Demascus at the tomb of Demascus's last incarnation but Demascus was able to kill Kalkan.


Kalkan had a bestial face and large cat-like ears. His breath smelled like carrion.[1]


Kalkan possessed Damos, an artifact of great power that allowed him to see into the future. The fact that Damos killed anyone who used it did not trouble Kalkan because he always rose again in a new incarnation.[1]


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