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Kammarth was a magical drug concocted from a rare surfrace root and a subterranean fungus.[1]


It was taken as a powder or as a beige jelly and was either eaten or taken through skin contact, the former was a more effective way to experience its effects. Whiel it was a magical drug, the producer didn't need to be able to cast magic.[1]


Kammarth made one feel good and energetic but it had also real effects. First, the magical effect of the drug consisted in being one of few ways for non-spellcasters to obtain the effects of the spell expeditious retreat, the duration of the magical effect was a few minutes. After about a minute after the initial effect kicked in, Kammarth heightened the base agility and reflexes of its user until the spell effect ended.[1][2]

Overdosing with Kammarth was easy. When a person took a two doses in an 8-hour period, he suffered physical damage and was paralyzed for a time measured in minutes. When one made the mistake of taking more than three doses, the drug caused serious damage to the body and paralyzed the person for a time measured in hours.[1]

Addicts of this drug felt the need to take it at a frequency of at least once in a time less than a week. Withdrawl symptoms included temporary decreased agility and perception abilities.[3]


The drug was known to the drow and was distributed among the military, for example among those of House Jaelre. Valas Jaelre, second cousin to Jezz the Lame was a known producer of Kammarth, alongside Ziran.[4]



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