Kamoth Kastelmar was a member of a minor noble family of Hillsfar.[1]


The Kraken Queen was equipped with a magical device created by Red Wizards known as a starry compass that allowed it to sail high into the air, even as high as Selûne.[1]


The Black Moons created a base on one of Tears of Selûne out of which they operated.[1]


Kastelmar married into the ruling Hulmaster family of Hulburg through his marriage to Terena Hulmaster. In 1466 DR, Kamoth attempted to seize power but was thwarted and forced into exile.[1]

After his exile, Kamoth engaged in piracy on the Moonsea and eventually took command of the Black Moon pirate company, where he commanded the pirate vessel Kraken Queen.[1]

In 1479 DR Kamoth lead the Black Moons in an attack on Hulburg.[1]





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