The Kara-Tur calendar was the calendar by which the civilized lands of Kara-Tur measured the months of the year.[1]

It was devised by one of the emperors of Shou Lung.[1]


  • Tsou (30 days)
  • Ju (30 days)
  • Yu (30 days)
  • Kao (30 days)
  • Kao II (29 days)
  • Chu (30 days)
  • Hsiang (29 days)
  • Chuang (30 days)
  • Hsuan (30 days)
  • Yang (29 days)
  • Ku (30 days)
  • Tu (29 days)



Oriental Adventures, page 107, says that the first day of the year coincided with some time in modern-day February or March. These correspond to the months of Alturiak and Ches in Faerûn's Calendar of Harptos.


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