Karador was a small city located in the middle of Lake Myrloch on Gwynneth Isle in the Moonshaes. As of 1479 DR the city was ruled by the fey queen High Lady Ordalf as the capital of Sarifal although her son Prince Araithe handled the day-to-day running of the government.[1]


Most residents of Karador were Llewyrr elves, wood elves, gnomes or banshrae although a few humans lived in the city. Visitors to the city were uncommon.[1]


The city was protected by a powerful mythal which could shift the city to and from the Feywild. The few leShay fey who lived in the city were powerful arcanists, more powerful than elven high mages.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Diamond Thimble - Armor shop owned by the gnome Omik Twede.
  • House of Autumn - One of the few inns in the city.


Around the time of the Spellplague High Lady Ordalf moved the city through a portal from the Feywild and it rose from the depths of Lake Myrloch. The fey forces soon routed the High King's troops and took control of the entire island of Gwynneth.[1]


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