Kardann was an official of the government of Amn in 1361 DR.[1]


In 1361 DR, Kardann was assigned to the Golden Legion for their Maztican expedition. He was tasked with safeguarding Amnian interests during the journey.[1]

Soon after the battle near Payit, he conspired with some legionaries to return to Faerûn in order to secure the first partition of gold. In order to stop Kardann's plot and avoid more complications, Cordell decided to burn the ships.[2]

Kardann was disliked by most of the legionaries.[3]

His only other action of note occurred during the Legion's stop in Nexal, when he found the lost gold treasure of Axalt.[4]

He quickly betrayed Cordell to side with Don Vaez, saying that it was the best interests of Amn, but in truth for the promise to sail back to Faerûn. When Cordell regained control of Helmsport Kardann escaped alone in the jungle.[5] At last while in the jungle he met a very hungry jaguar lord in search of food.[6]



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