Kardhel Terov was a fellthane among the Warlock Knights of Vaasa and an ambitious merchant.[1]


In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, Terov approached Mhurren of the Bloody Skulls orc tribe, offering the warchief his own kingdom of Thar in exchange for an oath of fealty and an agreement not to endanger cities under Kardhel's protection. Wanting to have a protected trade route from Vaasa to the Moonsea, he provided the chieftain with arms and armaments and the loyalty of several other Tharran tribes, which Mhurren then used to march on Glister and then Hulburg, where the army was defeated.[1]


Kardhel was a tall human with pale skin, iron-gray hair, and a normally clean-shaven face. As a result of his forming the pact with Telos that all Warlock Knights took, his eyes were a deep, bloody crimson. When he though he might be going into danger, Kardhel wore ebon plate mail with a black helm fitted with gilded ram's horns curling from the sides.[1]


Among Terov's possessions was a heavy iron band carved with dire runes, which encircled his ring finger. This was his pact ring, given to him when he completed the Pact of the Iron Ring, and was not removable.[1]




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