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Karontor was one of the sons of Annam All-Father, the Father of all true giants. His brothers were Grolantor, Stronmaus, Skoraeus, Memnor, Surtr, and Thrym. His sisters were Hiatea, Iallanis, and Diancastra.[1]


Karontor was known as the patron deity of the twisted fomorians and verbeegs. Karontor was a purely evil deity. He resided in the plane of Tarterus, ruling a frozen plain of ice, where ever-hungry winter wolves awaited his orders to hunt across the land. It was rumored among the formorians and verbeegs that at one point in time, Karontor was a great and beautiful being. But his greed and jealousy of Stronmaus caused his form to become twisted and deformed.[1]



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