Karzov was the deputy leader of the Nasher in Neverwinter and an Uthgardt fighter.[1]


In 1484 DR, Karzov had become the the second-in-command of the Nasher rebel group, answering only to Arlon Bladeshaper.[1]

He was the mastermind of the heist of the Crown of Neverwinter, intending to use it to assert the Nasher's control upon the city. Unfortunately, many other groups also wanted the Crown and in the end it was recovered by an adventurer recruited by Sergeant Knox of Lord Dagult Neverember's army.[1]

Karzov went onto Neverember's black-list so he was chased all over the city by Knox's adventurer until they finally located him in a building in the Blacklake district. In the end, the adventurer defeated him.[1]



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