Kata Brizik was a businesswoman and dancer in Mulmaster.[1]


Kata was a very talented dancer who opened the festhall the Wave and Wink with her husband Urdun Brizik. Soon it became one of the most popular festhalls in the city.

In 1491 DR, however, during a party celebrating the birthday of Zara Tiega Gos, Kata saw a painting of Andrik Gos and inexplicably had the impulse of burn Tiega.[1]


Her talents in dance and business greatly outmatched those of her husband Urdun, but Kata grew frustrated with the need to focus all her time on managing the day-to-day operations of the festhall. She was jealous of Urdun's flirtatious tendencies. Kata hoped that the recent interest of the nobles in the arts would permit her to switch roles with her husband.[1]




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