Kaverin Ebonhand was the leader of the Cult of Frost.[2][1]


Kaverin was a ruthless, vindictive, and obsessive individual. His goal was to achieve immortality and he would do any kind of evil to obtain it.[1]


Kaverin was born in Tantras. He became the most powerful crime lord in the city, feared across all the Dragon Reach.[1] This was until 1357 DR when Artus Cimber and Hydel Pontifax put him on trial for ordering the murder of the Harper Rallo Scarson. However, the judge in Ravens Bluff condemned him to only lose his hands (which were quickly replaced by artificial ones).[2][1]

Freed, Kaverin spent the next three years trying to get his vengeance against Artus and Hydel.[1] In 1360 DR, in Tantras, they found Kaverin off-guard and killed him. Kaverin did not stay dead, however, thanks to a deal he made with the god Cyric.[2][1] However, from that day on, two fiends visited him every night, taunting him with all the tortures that awaited him in the afterlife.[1]

At this point, like his enemies, Kaverin started searching for the Ring of Winter. To this end, he advanced through the ranks of the Cult of Frost and finally, in 1363 DR, he found it in a location in Chult.[1] There, he met Artus and Hydel again, and Hydel was killed by Kaverin's minions.[2][1] Kaverin assembled an army to attack Mezro but during the final battle Artus confronted him wielding the Ring of Winter. Thanks to the ring, he managed to destroy Kaverin, and his soul was quickly taken by fiends to an eternity of torment.[2][1]




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