Kawabi was a governor in Shou Lung.[1]


Kawabi was the sixth cousin of the Emperor.[1]


Kawabi was for many years the governor of Chu' Yuan province and under his rule the land prospered.

Kawabi, however, was an evil man and he searched for a means to achieve more power. At last, in 1358 DR, he found in uncharted lands near Chu' Yuan the damned citadel of Tempat Larang,[1] a colony of Anok-Imaskar destroyed long ago by the Immortal Nung Chiang.[2] There, Kawabi found an army of stone spirits ready to command.[1]

To avoid suspicion in the meantime, he spread chaos in his province, sending raiders to attack villagers and caravans. However, the Emperor decided to send General Goyat Nagumo to help him pacify the area. Soon, Goyat discovered the treason of Kawabi.[1]

The armies of Kawabi and of Goyat Nagumo clashed near the city of Hui and the general defeated the governor. Kawabi, however, escaped and Goyat followed him, resolute to make him pay for his treason.[1]

At last, Goyat confronted and defeated Kawabi at Tempat Larang. Kawabi was executed but Goyat was corrupted by the dark spirit of the citadel and sought to create a new empire with himself as it head.[1]



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