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Kazgoroth is an aspect of Bhaal[1] that takes the form of anything it wants to and drinks human blood, as well as feasts on human flesh. It takes down many normally powerful people, like a druid, in the book Darkwalker on Moonshae.


Kazgoroth, to fit in, has taken several guises. The first few are a cow, which attracted a bit too much attention, and a woman named Meridith, who drew too much attention because Kazgoroth used its powers to make the body of the latter guise more attractive. His first victim was a man named Erian who was a guard for the prince Tristan Kendrick of the Moonshaes.[2] Afterwards, he changed into a Dryad in order to lure Trahern of Oakvale.[2] His next victim was Thelgaar Ironhand, king of Oman's Isle of which he took the identity so he could command the army of northerners in the attack of the southern Moonshae Isles, mainly the city of Caer Corwell.[2]


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