Kazmil-urshula-kelloakizilian[1] or Urshula was a black dragon[2] who became a dracolich around 1368 DR, with his spirit found in a phylactery concealed in a book of creation, a relic of the Witch-King Zhengyi.[3]


Urshula laired in a large chamber in the lower parts of a Castle Perilous replica, built when Zhengyi's relic, a book of creation, was activated.[citation needed]

He was fought by a party comprising Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle, Athrogate, and a few others, eventually losing the battle. Urshula's half-decomposed dragon body was mostly destroyed by a magical dragon pendant, designed to be hung over doorways as a defensive ward, owned by Artemis Entreri (gifted to him by Jarlaxle). Once more, Urshula's spirit became trapped in the dragon phylactery, one of two (similarly working) phylacteries in Jarlaxle's possession, in 1368 DR.[3]




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