Keledon was a ghost revealed to be the husband of the elven songstress of the Elfsong Tavern.


Keledon was located though a door in the onyx tower and could be seen as a ghostly apparition. He appeared to be wearing a tattered green cloak. His hair, though only properly visible on the sides, was white. His head, body and limbs all resembled skeletal structures. Keledon often floated above the ground.


Keledon was a soldier of the Westering Sun, under Eldrith's command. Becasue of her treachery, Keledon met his fate in the Marsh of Chelimber, along with the rest of his men. Keledon was knowledgeable about the story of the elven maiden who sang in the Elfsong tavern. He left his wife within the walls of Baldur's Gate were she would be safe. He described her as the most beautiful elven maid and after,revealing that the voice in the elfsong tavern was his wife, who sang in lament for him.

Both spirits could not rest until Eldrith was defeated and they can reunit.