Kelemvor's Garden, previously known as the Thunderstone Cemetery, was a graveyard in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s DR.[1]


The graveyard was originally known as the Thunderstone Cemetery, but Lorelei Gravesower renamed it when she became caretaker in the 1360s DR.[1] [note 1]


Most of the dead of Thunderstone were buried in this cemetery, as well as slain adventurers whose bodies were brought back to town. Purple Dragons and those who'd displayed great heroics in life or immediately prior to death were buried in The Honor Field, which lay in one corner of the graveyard.[1] It was said that anyone interred there would be favored in the afterlife.[2] "Working in the Garden" became a euphemism for death among adventurers operating in the area.[1]

A cleric of Kelemvor, Lorelei Gravesower's task was to provide counselling and advice to the grieving and conduct maintenance on the cemetery. She had a small house on the grounds.[1]


In Thunderstone, some claimed that one had to pay Oversword Faril Laheralson, commander of the local Purple Dragons troop, 500 gold pieces to have someone buried in The Honor Field in the Garden, but this was false.[2]

A scurrilous rumor told that a woman dwelling in a hut beside the cemetery (perhaps Lorelei herself) would sell her favors to a man for a night, but this was also a lie.[2]



  1. This was likely in 1368 DR after Kelemvor's ascension as god of death.


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