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Kelvin's Cairn was a mountain in Icewind Dale.[1]


Kelvin's Cairn was a free-standing 1,000-foot-tall mountain[3] fronted by a river valley about as deep as the mount was high. The mountain top was always capped with snow and ice even through the short summer.[4] The mountain was the only peak within a thousand miles, even though it appeared as merely a pile of loose boulders.[2]


Reghedmen legend held that Tempus defeated the frost giant Kelvin in this spot and gouged out the rocks here and piled them on top of his corpse.[citation needed] More likely, however, was that it was an extinct volcano. It was atop the Cairn that Akar Kessel conjured up fiery magic with the help of Crenshinibon, subsequently melting the ice and snow around him, causing an avalanche.[5]


The valley to the south of Kelvin's Cairn was the home of the Battlehammer Clandwarves, formerly led by Bruenor Battlehammer and by 1483 DR by Stokely Silverstream.[6] From underneath this vale, the dwarves mined iron and forged it into well-crafted weapons and armour that were then sold in Bryn Shander, located at the other end of the valley.

Drizzt Do'Urden, upon arriving in Icewind Dale, was told by Cassius to go to Kelvin's Cairn.[7] He set up his sparse home in a cave on the mountain's barren north face.[2]

Wild beasts were often found on and around the mountain, including verbeeg, yetis, Remorhaz. Verbeeg were especially fond of making their dens in the rocky cliff faces.[2]

Bruenor's ClimbEdit

Bruenor's Climb was a 15-foot-high column of stone that offered a vantage point over Termalaine and Maer Dualdon.[2] It was a favorite place of reflection of Bruenor Battlehammer and Drizzt Do'Urden.[7]. It was located four miles south of Kelvin's Cairn,[2] on the east bank of the valley; the spot where Aegis-fang was forged was nearer to the northern end (tucked up against the southern flank of the mountain's base).[citation needed]





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