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Keren Donnell was the most famous bard in the Ffolk-inhabited Moonshae Isles.[1]


Keren used a longbow as tall as a man made of black Callidyrr yew. It was one of a dozen or so weapons that were crafted by the High King's own bowyer. He had a falcon companion named Sable.[1]


While visiting Gwynneth on official business for the High King of the Moonshaes in 1345 DR,[3] he helped Tristan Kendrick and his companions in a fight against a band of firbolgs. They led him to Caer Corwell so he could speak to King Kendrick.[1] On his way back to Caer Callidyrr, he was captured by a band of firbolgs and then rescued by Tristan, alongside Finellen the dwarf.[1]


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