Kereska (pronounced Kuh-RES-kah)[1] was the chaotic neutral dragon goddess of magic, specifically dragon magic and magical creativity.[2]


Kereska always manifested in the form of a dragon, although she was able to take on many draconic forms as she wanted to, and specific details about her natural form were unknown. However, she was always surrounded by a pulsating aura of magical power.[1]


It was believed Kereska had her lair in the plane of Limbo.[1]


Kereska was reputed to have the ability to cast spells as many times per day as she wanted to, and as she was the font of magical creativity, she was able to create any new spell-like power with a moment's effort.[1]

She also had the ability to empower any draconic creature with whatever level of spellcasting ability she wished, and often bestowed her followers with the ability to cast new spells and spell-like abilities if they had pleased her.[1]


According to draconic myths, it was Kereska who first taught dragonkind how to wield magic.[1]

At some point prior to 1357 DR, Kereska empowered the gold dragon sorcerer Larendrammagar with the ability to cast more spells that any dragon naturally could, and to be able to use both arcane and divine magic, as a reward for his magical achievements.[3]

In 1358 DR, Kereska entirely subsumed the worship and portfolio of the demigod Kalzareinad. Kalzareinad died shortly thereafter.[2]


Kereska was revered by dragons of all kinds, although those adept with magic were specially devoted to her. Dragons researching new spells often invoked her name in hopes she would imbue them with her power.[1]



  1. While Cult of the Dragon (1998) lists her as an intermediate deity, Draconomicon (1990) states that she is a greater deity.


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