Keros the Wanderer was an outcast triton hero.


Born in 1354 DR, Keros joined the clergy of Persana. However, during the Twelfth Serôs War, during the morkoth attack on Abydos to steal artifacts, he inadvertently acquired the Claw of Xynakt on himself, thwarting the plans of Axar Xyrl. However, Keros was considered impure by his fellow tritons and cast out of Abydos. He started wandering Serôs in order to avoid his morkoth pursuers.

Keros resurfaced during the final battle at Myth Nantar, where he saved the life of the merfolk princess Arina. After the war, he remained for a time in the city but the mythal's influence made it hard for Keros to control the Claw, so in 1370 DR he left Myth Nantar.[1]


Some believed Keros was the chosen of his god, "Persana's Blade".[2]


Keros always traveled with his loyal hippocampus Swiftide. During the war, he gained some friends and enemies. Among the former were some dukars and Princess Arina.[1]



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