Keshna Finlothleer was the Guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm in 1370 DR.[1]


Keshna was a small, driven woman. She was a devotee of Mask and she was always careful about any possible menace to her power from her underlings.[1]


Keshna grew up as a beggar on the streets of Telflamm until at, the age of nine, the former Guildmaster Vollodan recruited her into the organization.

When the guild was shaken by the conflict with the local church of Tempus, Keshna chose as her master and mentor the surviving Veteran Thief Praskin Finlothleer. To honor him, she took his family name after he was killed.

Thanks to a combination of talent, influence, and money, she was a Master Thief by the age of seventeen and in 1368 DR Keshna became Guildmaster when her predecessor retired. She proposed to Jalaunther Ithbreeiur to eliminate the Pirates of the Fallen Stars.[1]



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