Kesra Tanor'Thal was House Tanor'Thal's representative in Skullport.[1]


Kesra was a free spirit ready to show her skill in arms and priest magic. She was haughty, headstrong, and truly believed herself to be favored by Lolth and destined for greatness. Kesra was an efficient slaver with an ambitious approach.[2]


Kesra managed the slaving operations of her House in Skullport in order to send more and more slaves to her hometown.[2]


In Karsoluthiyl, Kesra proved to be very efficient for her House, her city and Lolth, impressing her Matron Mother, who decided to choose her as the new representative of her House in Skullport, not trusting Malakuth Tabuirr any more. Arriving in the Port of Shadow, Kesra quickly solidified the Tanor'Thal's influence, mostly disturbing Malakuth's businesses.[2]


Kesra was the niece and representative of Matron Mother Haelra Tanor'Thal. Her older cousins, Ilmra Tanor'Thal and Olorae Tanror'Thal, saw her success as a threat and planned for her removal. Malakuth despised her, more for her House's crimes than personally.[2]



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