Kesson Rel is a former Chosen of Mask. Given a sliver of divinity from his patron deity, he was driven insane, eventually driving him away from Mask and into the arms of Shar. Separated from that same spark of divinity by a group of priests serving Mask, who bound it into the shadow dragon Furlinastis and then hid it from him, Kesson spent millennia searching for it. He eventually grew so weak that he couldn't leave the Plane of Shadow for long, then only the portion of that plane known as the Adumbral Calyx, and finally his spire within that pocket.[1]

Eventually, Mask chose new Chosen, Erevis Cale and Drasek Riven, who sought to return the sliver of Mask's divinity to their god, and they traveled to the Plane of Shadow. There, Kesson tricked them into freeing that portion of him residing in Furlinastis, and he was made whole again.[1]

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Erevis Cale

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The third edition sourcebook, Faiths and Pantheons, depicted Kesson Rel (known there as Volumvax) as a traitor to Mask who received his quasi-divinity after millennia of loyally serving Shar.[2] The Sharrans themselves believed this to be true, at least until the arrival of the Adumbral Calyx over Ordulin forced the Shadovar to look for other answers.[3]

References Edit

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