Ketjap was a condiment found in the Shining Lands in 1367 DR.[2] It was available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]


Ketjap was made by combining mingari from Ulgarth with rare fruits from Maztica.[2] This thick and spicy sauce had a unique flavor, making it a prized commodity in the Shining South.[2][1] It was a good condiment for otherwise ordinary grilled or roasted meats.[1]


Ketjap was created in Durpar by chefs said to be working in the kitchens of caliphs and viziers. Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue brought it to western Faerûn for the first time, where it was thought to come from the lands east of Durpar (that is, Ulgarth).[1]



Ketjap is probably named for ketchup, and is probably tomato ketchup.


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