The Khala were a race of humans said to have inhabited Imaskar in east Faerûn in ancient times.


Brother Delf, a priest of Deneir from Verdusk, put to paper a tale concerning the Khala, apparently relating an ancient legend. He told that the Khala had been an evil people who'd committed many acts of wickedness and had worshiped the god Bane, the Black Lord. As punishment for their crimes, they were cursed by five gods of law. Lathander, god of the dawn, said "You have been swift as an eagle in your flight from justice, so I curse you each of you with the body of the eagle." Mystra, goddess of magic, said "Fierce as a wolf have you been in your persecution of the innocent, so I curse you with the teeth of the wolf." Torm, god of duty, said "Foolish as a stag in rut have you been as you shunned what is true and good, so I curse you all to bear the head and horns of the stag." Ilmater, god of suffering, said "You have tormented and torn heart and soul from your victims, so I curse you with unnatural appetites, so that you may only live and prosper after devouring the hearts of your prey." Finally, Mielikki, goddess of the forest, said "While you acted as beasts, your heart contained evil which only humans can know. I curse you to always cast the shadow of the humans you once were, to always remind you of your terrible deeds and of the souls that you have lost." Thus the Khala were transformed into the vicious monsters known as perytons, with all those traits. This tale was unsupported by fact, but it did explain all their unusual human traits. However, some, like Talyssa Strongbow, considered it ironic that the gods' curses, particularly that of Ilmater—who aimed to shield folk from suffering—only drove the peryton to further murder and savagery. This cast doubt on the tale, or on the wisdom of the gods.[1]



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