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Kharran Fel was a large muscly human fighter. He was the child of druids from the Forgotten Forest and although he loved the wilderness, he lacked the inclination to learn to become either a ranger or a druid. He did, however, pick up some healing and herbalism skills and also the tracking abilities of a ranger.[1]


Kharran was 6'3" (1.9 m) tall with long brown hair and a beard.[1]


Kharran carried three hand axes, using two of them at once in combat, but also carried a battle axe if he encountered stronger foes. He wore leather armor and wore a ring of protection +2.[1]


Kharran moved from one adventuring band to another in the Western Heartlands until he came across the injured werewolf Arahnar, felt pity for her and fell in love with her.[1]


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