Lord Khault was the leader of The Choir, a cult in Tohrepur that worshipped a spellplague changed Sirine. Prior to 1473 DR, Khault was a farmer in the village of Caidris in Akanûl. When the mercenaries fighting for the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign made a stand against the Abolethic Sovereignty in his village, he allowed a group of soldiers led by the mercenary Uthalion to take shelter in his home. His wife and sons were killed by the Aboleths but Khault survived.[1]

Sometime after Caidris was destroyed, Khault became corrupted by a plaguechanged sirine and was changed into an aberration. He became the leader of the sirine's cult and sent members to Airspur to recruit. The Choir kidnapped several residents of Airspur including the twin sister of a genasi named Ghaelya who the cult believed to be a prophetess. With the help of Uthalion and a few of his friends, Ghaelya travelled to Tohrepur where one of her friends killed Khault.[1]


Khault resembled a human in basic form but had tentacles and sharp spikes for teeth.[1]


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