Khirad was an Elder Evil from the Far Realm who had taken possession of one of the stars of Realmspace. Unlike normal stars, Khirad didn't have a fixed place in the sky but instead danced and wavered across the Realmspace.[1]

Description Edit

Khirad was a blue star.[1]


Khirad, and the other Far Realm-infested stars of Realmspace, were somehow related to the Eldest.[1]

Wherever an apocalypse of some sort happened in Realmspace, Khirad was the most brilliant star in the sky.[1] Sometimes, Khirad radiance revealed secrets and gruesome insights.[2]

Khirad was one of the stars the warlock Japheth Donard sought out in 1396 DR, after having lose his pact with the archfey Neifion.[1]


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