Khochen was a young Tuigan thief and Harper agent.[2]


Khochen posed as an itinerant merchant.[2] She was the head Harper spymaster in Westgate.[1]


In 1486 DR, Khochen and her fellow Vescaras were on a mission to Westgate.

Afterward, they went to Waterdeep to make a report to Dahl Peredur and Tam Zawad.

Later, she and Dahl talked about their personal problems.

She and Vescaras were chosen to help, and surveil, Mehen in his research into the disappearance Farideh, whom Vescaras believed to be a shadovar agent.[2]


Khochen was a very manipulative individual. She befriended all people but manipulated their friendship for the mission's goal.[2] Her main weakness was gossip.[1]



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