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The Khopet-Dag, also known as the Spiderhaunt Peaks, was a mountain range located in the Endless Wastes.[1]


Located north of the Shalhoond sat the Khopet-Dag mountain range, most famous for its large number of giant spiders, which gave it its nickname "Spiderhaunt Peaks".[1]

Rocky and dry on the north side, and wooded on the south, the mountain's environment was ideal for the many spiders that lived there.[1]

The silk of these giant spiders was highly prized for its use in making clothing and ropes that were lighter and stronger then normal, but also far more expensive.[1]

Yaqubi, people who collected the valuable giant spider silk for a living, frequented the mountains, guarding the secret locations of their web harvesting grounds, and the secrets behind the tools used to harvest the sticky spider web.[1]



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