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This is an article about an Untheric deity. For the energy used by monks, see psionics.
Basic Information
Title(s) Lion's Friend[1]
Power level Dead power (formerly Greater deity)
Dominion Zigguraxus[2]
Portfolio Nature[1]
Domains Animal, Luck, Plant[3]
Worshiper alignments
Favored weapon Quarterstaff[3]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral[3]

Ki was the Untheric goddess of nature. Her manifestation on Toril was killed during the Orcgate Wars.[4] Her symbol was the iris.[1]


Ki manifested as a beautiful, petite woman with delicate features. She could not be touched by anything thrown through the air at her, and at will she could change her shape into any non-monstrous form. She could summon up to one hundred of any creature of the beast type, though only one species at a time and no species could be summoned for more than once per week. She took half damage from any attack.[5]


Ki helped maintain relationships between the other Untheric powers and between such gods of earth as Silvanus and Mielikki.[1]


Ki's priests were druids.[5]

History Edit

Ki came to Toril with the other Untheric deities aboard the Galley of the Gods.[6] She was killed by one of the orcish gods in -1071 DR,[7] and her body was laid to rest in a God-Tomb in Unther.[8]

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